The following is an interpretation of events occurred on 27th January 2021 at uniswap.

Far from being an ideal launch on uniswap $ELE had some issues on launch which have been magnified by some bad actors leveraging perceived legitimacy further causing damage to the project.*

The events which may not…

Dual Yield Capability

In most DeFi applications, users must stake or park their tokens in a contract to earn a yield. RFI holders can use their tokens in third party lending, yield farming, or any other smart contract in addition to earning yield from the transaction fees.

To facilitate this, the RFI smart…

Early on in the RFI project circa 900k $RFI tokens were in community custody, this left a decision on the community to vote upon which resulted in a 50/50 split between a liquidity mining program and the subsequent ‘burning’ of the remaining tokens to a dead address.

Due to the…


Cthulhu Coin is building a DEFI project on the Ethereum blockchain. Staking is live with the expectation of burns, DAO, LP mining and more. Our website is up here. We have achieved our first coin launch, CTHU with staking, the Dao SOULS token in now also live.

CTHU is officially…

An Asset Owner Expressing Concerns

If we consider the analogue of a transaction being the movement of an asset from point A to B, the associated movement costs are set by those responsible for the asset transportation within the blockchain: the miners. Similarly, there are associated asset storage costs on chain. This in turn creates…

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